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Who are we?

In my search for ways of overcoming the evolutionary limits of certain physical handicaps, I had the great privilege of meeting a remarkable man called Dr. Bernie Brucker.


Dr Brucker dedicated his life to improve the daily life and life quality of his patients, many of whom severely handicapped by damage of the central nervous system.


Alas he left us unexpectedly at the age of 61, but not before leaving behind a heritage of a method of therapy, named after him today, but also an entire philosophy and humanity.


Some time after meeting him, I was fortunate to cross paths with Ralf Nickel. He is the head of the Brucker-Biofeedback Centre at the Schön-Klinik in Munich. Trained by Dr. Bernie Brucker himself, he has the sole licence to teach the method to other therapists.


He accepted my request for training and it is thanks to his enthusiasm, his empathy for his patients, his wonderful ability to transmit his knowledge, that I became a therapist myself.


This came on top of my existing knowledge and training in Neurofeedback with Drs Michael and Lynda Thompson, other pioneers in the field who share their knowledge with great enthusiasm and passion.


So these are the tools which allow me today to help my patients on their journey towards greater autonomy and freedom.



                                                                                                                                    Véronique De Vroey-Maes




 "They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it..." - Mark Twain

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