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Our Team


We are all dedicated to guide you through our knowledge and expertise to improve your quality of live, your physical capacities and to assist you to reach the best in yourself.

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Véronique De Vroey - Maes

Head therapist Brucker Biofeedback Method®

In my search for ways of overcoming the evolutionary limits of certain physical handicaps, I had the great privilege of meeting a remarkable man named Dr. Bernard S. Brucker.

Dr Brucker dedicated his life to improve the daily life and life quality of his patients, many of whom severely handicapped by damage of the central nervous system.

Alas he left us unexpectedly at the age of 61, but not before leaving behind a heritage of a therapy method,  named after him today, and followiing  his entire philosophy and humanity.

Some time after meeting him, I was fortunate to cross paths with Ralf Nickel. He is the head of the Brucker Biofeedback Centre at the Schön-Klinik in Munich. Trained by Dr. Bernard Brucker himself, first as a therapist and later as the one and only certified training therapist, he has the sole licence to teach the method to other therapists.

He accepted my request for training and it is thanks to his enthusiasm, his empathy for his patients, his wonderful ability to transmit his knowledge, that I became a therapist myself.

I also have always be passionate by a more holistic approach towards my patients. I do strongly believe in the power of the mind, in the incredible capacity of the body to recover.  

I followed several seminars of Dr. Joe Dispenza which also helped me on this path to a different approach of disease and handicap. 

I am so glad I received these tools which allow me today to help my patients on their journey towards greater autonomy and freedom.


Dr. Thierry De Vroey

Sports Medicine UZA


Since 2014, I had the pleasure to join Veronique in her journey to help people with disabilities on their way to recovery. 

I work as a sports physician at the Physical Medicine and Revalidation Center of the University Clinic of Antwerp. I work mainly with osteoarticular, muscular and nervous problems of the human body. I have a great passion to try to help each patient by trying to find the origin of his or her problems, pains and inflammations.

I believe that the human body has a great capacity to heal all its traumas. We will therefore try to help them on this path by stimulating their own healing capacities rather than working with painkillers, anti-inflammatories and other drugs that are only comfort drugs but that do not heal. With the help of biofeedback, PRP, prolotherapy, percutaneous electrolysis, exercises we will help the human body to heal. 

I am convinced that there is only one good doctor and that is the patient himself and we are here to guide him in this journey.


Kathleen Médart


Brucker Biofeedback Method®  Assistant


Since 2016 I had the great pleasure to join Veronique's enthusiastic team and grow with them in this beautiful adventure. Every patient with his own personal problems and issues, gives us so much  recognition that working with them is a huge enrichment at any time. 


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Ralf Nickel


Head of the European therapy and training centre of the Brucker Biofeedback Method® Munich.


I was trained and certified by Dr Bernard Brucker, one of the pioneers of sEMG biofeedback therapy. I have headed the European therapy and training centre of the Brucker Biofeedback Method® (BBFM®)  since 2004 and trained therapists from all over the world in learning how to treat patients with central nervous system damage.


The simplicity but also the complexity of the method and the use of a simple tool like sEMG makes training for patients much more efficient and speeds up the process of learning and re-functioning.


Helping people, from children to the elderly, to achieve a better quality of life is the goal to which I devote my heart and soul through the transmission of the well established Brucker Biofeedback Method®


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