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There is no nicer way to learn about a method than to hear it from those who tried it out.

Marion's testimonial
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Marion's testimonial (SCI)

Leandre's testimonial (CP)

A big thank you to Véronique for her dedication. Alexis gave a lot of himself again during the week of therapy. It's a pleasure to come every time. See you soon.

Ilona has cerebral palsy. She came for the first time in August 2017 to follow 10 Biofeedback sessions in Antwerp with Véronique. All the people who follow Ilona have noticed progress in her head posture, her balance and in her hands. So we have just done a second session. Ilona is always motivated and Véronique has the right words to push her towards more and more ambitious goals. In my opinion, this therapy has brought a lot to Ilona. So thank you to Véronique and her assistants who are also very good. When will we have a third session? Probably next autumn.

It was a pleasure to meet Véronique again in Antwerp. She had already worked with our daughter Joanna, 8 years old, a girl with a motor disability, in May 2016 during a Biofeedback session in Tours. Already at that time, her kindness, advice, contact and encouragement with our daughter had seduced us. It is therefore with enthusiasm that we decided to do this Biofeedback session with her. We were not disappointed. er team in Antwerp is just as welcoming. We would love to have such open and caring therapists for the evolution of our children. We miss that in France... See you soon Véronique!

After 4 stays in Miami in 2 years, we wanted to continue the biofeedback which gives good results on our daughter Léa but without the heaviness of a stay in the USA. This summer, we headed for Belgium and especially Antwerp to meet Véronique. The magic happened immediately and we had never seen our daughter so enthusiastic and motivated for her work sessions. She has made enormous progress, always in a playful and good-humoured way. The parents are delighted and the children are asking for more so see you soon.

Our princess, Eva who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, came to Wilrijk for 10 Biofeedback sessions over 2 weeks. Mrs De Vroey is an excellent therapist as she really took the time to explain the method to us and also took the time to ask Eva what she wanted to improve in terms of her motor skills. Eva found it very amusing as she could follow her progress on the computer; it also forced her to push her limits and persist with her progress. We, her parents, have seen tremendous progress as she has started to get the walking pattern and sitting position much more stable than before. Thank you so much for all the comfort you have brought to our daughter and we hope to see you soon?

Picardie, France


Valentin, our 8 year old son, CP, came to Antwerp for a fortnight of biofeedback sessions this summer. The first thing is that he loved these sessions. The therapist, Véronique de Vroey, is very gentle, very attentive, encouraging and yet demanding. She managed to push Valentin to give his best, to get him to concentrate while making great efforts in a joyful and often laughing way. We met a Brucker Biofeedback therapist who took the time to explain the method to us and for the first time I think I understood the basics of this method and what it can bring. I also understood that it was not an end in itself and why Valentin had to work at home until the next session. Valentin has increased the quality of his neuromuscular signals enormously, he has become aware of the existence of muscles that he apparently used very little and this is making him make great progress in terms of balance and trunk maintenance. During these sessions we always had Véronique to deal with, unlike other centres we have been to, which impose different therapists with whom the children do not always get on well. We will be back very soon ....

Ivry, France

Sand Dunes

We would like to thank Véronique and her assistants who were all very welcoming, very professional and very educational. These first sessions of discovery of the BBFM®have allowed us to see that we are on the right path and that we must persist in our daily work. It also allowed us to take stock of the muscles of Alexis, our 7 1/2 year old boy. He accepted the game rather well despite the heat and we have already obtained results. Thanks again to Véronique for her dedication and see you next year. 

Lucas and I have just returned from our stay in Belgium where he followed 15 sessions of Biofeedback with Véronique DE VROEY. This was a first for Belgium, but not for biofeedback, which Lucas already practiced in 2010 and 2012 in Miami. We are more than delighted with the work done and thank Véronique and her assistants again for their patience, tenacity and the means used to make these sessions pleasant and not restrictive for our son. We have noticed that the method does not differ in any way from the one in Miami, and this has reassured us, with the advantage of being closer to home which represents an opportunity to come more often, and to make Lucas progress more quickly. Once again, a big thank you to the whole team for their good humour, their availability and their encouragement.


A more than positive assessment of our stay in Belgium with the meeting of an exceptional therapist. We thank Véronique for her professionalism but also for her sympathy, her kindness and her pedagogy... She took the time to explain to us again and very clearly the Brucker Biofeeeback Method®, which Lilou already practices in the United States... Véronique knew how to make the sessions fun and gentle despite the work to be done. It is with pleasure and impatience that we will return to work with her next April!

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