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Our vision, our goal

It always seems impossible until it's done  - Nelson Mandela

Our aim is to help people with physical disabilities caused by damage to the central nervous system to regain greater functionality, freedom of movement and independence.  


Our aim is also to help them discover new positive energy, new beliefs in their abilities, to help them visualise new goals, to help them overcome their expected limits and to give them all the encouragement they need to achieve them.   We know that the human brain can always absorb new information and make new connections.  With the Brucker Biofeedback Method® they can learn to build these new connections that will help them improve their physical abilities, regain muscle control and strength and regain more autonomy and independence. 


Our goal is to teach our patients to regain the functionality they have lost rather than learning to compensate for it.


Through a very individual and personal approach and therapeutic plan we lead our patients to more independence,

freedom and self-confidence.

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